Blu Eden

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Blu Eden Homes is built on a foundation of three key ideologies:

  • A focus on quality, functionality and affordability
  • Integrating green technologies whenever possible
  • Helping disenfranchised communities create foundations for better living through quality built, affordable Blu Eden Homes

We understand that the housing market is evolving locally and globally. The rebounding of the housing market over the last several years has created a shortage in supply, which in turn is pricing more and more people out of the housing market everyday. The high cost of housing is a trend that we are combating by building Blu Eden Homes right here in the USA. 

Throughout our building operations, we utilize new construction processes in a factory setting that is climate controlled. All of our components are high quality, affordable materials that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. We also believe in a smaller footprint, which is why our homes are 600 square feet to 900 square feet of living space that is fun and functional.

Blu Eden is comprised of a small team of forward thinking individuals with a long lineage in the homebuilding, finance and manufacturing industries. We are constantly exploring opportunities for growth through our shared relationships and partnerships in these industries. We are proud to say that all of our homes are built entirely in Eugene, Oregon. Together we can turn a single home into a neighborhood, and a neighborhood into a community.