Lorijo Daniels

Lorijo, (or “LJ” as her friends call her), will be the first to tell you that all of her work experiences have led her to her life’s work at Blu Eden Homes. As an art teacher, designer, professional photographer and yoga instructor, Lori Jo embodies the attributes that are at the heart of the Blu Eden culture; affordable, quality homes in great communities that lead to active, healthy lifestyles.

Lorijo grew up in Milwaukie, Wisconsin and moved to Oregon in 2002. She loves the outdoors and everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer. She spent six years at Cedars Hills Hospital in Beaverton teaching yoga therapy and pain management to patients in the rehab and mental health units. She continues to teach yoga to children ages 5 – 17 at the Albertina Kerr Center.

Lorijo is a compassionate, solution driven woman that genuinely cares about people, which is one of the driving forces behind her commitment to share the benefits of the Blu Eden lifestyle everyday. Lorijo says that the Blu Eden lifestyle is all about living in a quality and efficient Blu Eden Home with affordable housing payments in great communities. This in turn allows people to eat healthy and stay active, so that they can enjoy each day to its fullest. LJ goes on to say, “When you don’t have to worry about an expensive house payment every month, it frees your mind to focus more on yourself and your family.”

Lorijo has a 22 year old son and a 20 year old daughter. She loves to travel whenever her schedule will allow her to take flight (or rail or car or boat) to new adventures. Two of her favorite places to visit are Vashon Island in the Pacific Northwest, and Sante Fe, New Mexico for the incredible artwork and high desert environment.

When discussing Blu Eden Homes with potential homebuyers and property developers, Lorijo’s message is clear: “Blu Eden Homes is a company that holds all possibilities for anyone to own a home and a lifestyle that is affordable, healthy and energy efficient.”

Lorijo loves the many neighborhoods and architectural styles that are displayed throughout the City of Roses. She and her life partner Tom reside in the Humboldt neighborhood of N. Portland.