Regional Project Manager

Leonard Spivey


Leonard’s passion for constructing high quality, affordable residential homes began at an early age where he grew up in Tacoma, Washington. By the time he was in his 20’s, he was remodeling single family homes of every shape and kind, while mastering the fine art of demolition and skilled carpentry in perfect harmony. Although Leonard has built new homes from the ground up, he will tell you that his experiences in remodeling is what allowed him to develop a keen eye for detail and controlling expenses in every home that he works on today.

In 1994 Leonard moved to Portland and took on commercial construction projects with Tenant Improvement Services (TIS) in the Lloyd Center District. His work with TIS allowed him to refine his demolition and rehab work on commercial buildings, while maintaining appeal and affordability for companies that would soon call these buildings their home in the City of Roses.

Leonard has been involved in the Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU Program) with the City of Portland. He participated in the first ever ADU Program sponsored by the City of Portland, while immersing himself in the construction aspects of these smaller dwelling units through the ADU Training Seminars. As housing costs continue to spiral out of control across America, Leonard believes that smaller dwellings are the future of affordable housing for all age groups.

Leonard, or “LRay” as his friends call him, loves to golf the many courses in the Pacific Northwest when he can find the time. He also has a passion for traveling to exotic places. He spent two months living in Belize, and he has made 15 remarkable treks to Burning Man outside of Gerlach, Nevada.

Leonard has a passion to help people build an affordable home that they can be proud of. Throughout the entire construction process, he always tells his customers that “their concerns are his concerns”, a statement that is always appreciated and remembered by every Blu Eden customer he works with.

Leonard has been married to Joia Mencher Spivey for three years. They reside in the Alberta Arts District in NE Portland.