VP Operations

Robert W. Brock

Robert W Brock (known as RW by friends and family) brings a wealth of management and marketing experience to Blu Eden Homes. RW started his marketing career in 1990 with the US Postal Service managing a large spirited team that designed and deployed a marketing and sales model that was quickly adopted nationally.  Subsequently, he founded RBP Marketing, where he applied his marketing solutions to both national and international marketing projects for Fortune 500 companies as well as Congressional and Presidential campaigns.

   While working with Northwest Medical Teams for five years, he founded and managed the SVPS events that won the attention of national and regional news and generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in delivered aid around the globe. Over three thousand businesses and attendees participated annually in the event.  A fun event was had by all, while giving back to those in distress.

As the Managing Partner of Genesis Event Management, he created unique and effective venues that were extremely gratifying and constructive for both the participants and the beneficiaries. Genesis has become synonymous with crafting event environments and cultures that facilitate efficient, effective, educational and networking opportunities.

Before joining Blu Eden Homes, RW developed strong relationships with clientele that included Miramax Films, the Contact Group, XO

Communications, Dream Works, Heart Guard, Christian Broadcasting Network, Pacific Marketing & Publishing, Universal Studios, Northwest Medical Teams (International), Western Interactive Media, Ketchum International, Podesta and Poorman Douglas.

RW epitomizes the famous Aristotle quote that says, “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” He is a team player first and is passionate about serving others and creating cultures that build successful long term relationships.